The Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital has completed more than two decades in providing world class tertiary care medical services not only to the city of Aurangabad but whole of Marathwada. It has been a successful journey of twenty eight years where we have strived to provide good care to our patients, reached out to the under privileged through charity and MJPJAY programs as well as looked after our associates, staff and medical professionals as best as we could. We are poised for expansion with latest technologies to become one of the leading healthcare provider with health care in Maharashtra.

There is a dire need for the healthcare system to shift its focus from being merely hospital based care system to prevention based care system. Now with change in public health policies to shift the care pattern towards active prevention in order to decrease the burden of serious diseases like cancer which is now almost an epidemic, the emphasis now is to be on reaching out to the society and involve them actively to manage their health early by themselves rather than the hospital taking care of management of their diseases.

The practical skills of healthcare providers is of paramount importance and therefore we are investing our time with best efforts to train staff be they doctors, nurses and technicians through workshops & CME's.

Journey Ahead

There is one thing that we have demonstrated over the last 28 years, is that a good conscience can translate into good business. Going forward, we intend to continue investing our resources to improve the accessibility of quality healthcare and make it more affordable to the general masses.

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