Services :
⊙  Diagnosing and management of rare diseases in both pediatrics and adult population.
⊙  Pretest counseling and selection of appropriate genetic test.
⊙  Post test counseling and interpretation of a complex genetic test.
⊙  Cancer risk assessment, screening of at risk members and counseling.
⊙  Preconception counseling for couples who have family history of a genetic disease, consanguinity or previous child affected
    with genetic disorder.
⊙  Prenatal testing services.
⊙  Postnatal counseling and detection of :
⊙  Chromosomal disorder in the family.
⊙  Unexplained Recurrent pregnancy loss and infertility.
⊙  Progressive developmental delay and familial epileptic disorders.
⊙  Inborn errors of metabolism and lysosomal disease management.
⊙  Movement disorders, abnormal shaking, tremors and ataxias.
⊙  Early and late onset muscle and nerve disorders.
⊙  Neurocutaneous disorders.
⊙  Congenital hearing loss and congenital or acquired early onset blindness.
⊙  Disorders of overgrowth and undergrowth.
⊙  Familial Paralysis.
⊙  Short stature and skeletal dysplasias.
⊙  Recurrent bone fractures and increased and decreased bone density disorders.
⊙  Recurrent jaundice or liver diseases
Highlights :
⊙  The clinical genetics is a specialized science that deals with the detection , management and risk assessment of rare and
    familial disorders.
⊙  The geneticist is a one stop point of comprehensive management of all aspects of a disease including physical, social
    and rehabilitative.
⊙  The purpose of the treatment is to decrease suffering and stopping the progression of the disease within the scope
    of management available.
⊙  The Clinical Genetic also offers fully equipped laboratory to cater to the detection of rare genetic variants with the clinical
    correlation and affordable price.
⊙  The Clinical Genetic services also help and minimize cost of care with well directed testing and achieving appropriate age
    specific goals.

 MD ( Ped), PDF ( Clinical Genetics)
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 Speciality :
 Clinical & Molecular Genetics

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