Services :
⊙  The Cytogenetics laboratory provides comprehensive and integrated approach that focuses on individualized patient care
    including the following services :
    Constitutional chromosome analysis [Karyotyping And FISH (Florescence in situ hybridization)] :
    For individuals with dysmorphic features, multiple congenital anomalies, learning disability, developmental delay, neurological
    disorder, Autism spectrum disorder, disorder of sex development, infertility, history of recurrent abortion.
⊙  Cancer Cytogenetics (Oncology chromosome analysis and FISH Panels) :
     Myelodysplastic syndrome, leukemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma, Carcinoma.
⊙  Prenatal Chromosomal analysis(Karyotyping and Aneuploidy FISH) :
     For womens with advanced maternal age, abnormal ultrasound findings of the fetus, abnormal maternal serum levels and other
     genetic concern with known family history.
⊙  Product of conception(POC) chromosome analysis.
⊙  Chromosomal breakage analysisfor the diagnosis of Fanconi anemia.
Highlights :
⊙  The cytogenetics laboratory at kamalnayanbajaj hospital is very well equipped with the state of the art laboratory facilities and well
    trained laboratory personals.
⊙  This is the only center in entire marathwada region that provide a complete range of cytogenetic diagnostic and prognostic tests
    with the goal of providing high quality and timely results to enable clinician to attain the most accurate diagnosis possible.
⊙  The cytogenetics laboratory maintains broad profile of services and offers expert genetic interpretation of constitutional which
    include prenatal testing, postnatal constitutional analysis and testing for acquired abnormalities like neoplasia.
⊙  The laboratory performs testing on a wide range of different tissue sample such as -Peripheral blood, Bone marrow, Chorionic villus
    (CVS), Amniotic fluid, Cord blood, Tissue (skin biopsy), product of conception (POC), lymph node and solid tumor(Formalin fixed
    embedded tissue).
⊙  We take consultative and integrated approach to cytogenetic analysis and work closely with referring clinician to correlate
    cytogenetics and FISH result with the result of other diagnostic modalities including haematopathology, flow cytometry and
    molecular diagnostics to provide comprehensive picture of patient cytogenetics status at various disease course.
⊙  Digital imaging (Both bright field and fluorescence microscopy) are performed using Leica GSL 10 Automated scanning platform.
    Chromosome analysis and FISH analysis are performed using the Leica CytoVision software.
⊙  Fees and all pertinent information related to all cytogenetics test are available upon request. Please contact cytogenetics
    laboratory for more information.

 MBBS, MD, Post Doctoral Fellowship - Cytogenetics
 Date of Birth :
 Speciality :
 August 12, 1982

Career Milestones : 
Post-doctoral fellowship in Cytogenetics at Christian medical college Vellore Tamilnadu (2013-2015)
Set-up a first diagnostic cytogenetics laboratory in the marathwada region at kamalnayanbajaj hospital(2016) and currently working as consultant and laboratory director for the cytogenetics laboratory.
M.D. in Anatomy from Grant medical college, Mumbai(2008-2011)
Worked as an assistant professor in anatomy(2012-2013)




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