Services :
⊙  Micro - ear surgery, middle ear surgery (Myringoplasty, Tympanoplasty , modified radical mastoidectomy, stapedectomy).
⊙  Advanced Nasal Surgery (FESS) - functional Endoscopic Sinus surgery for chronic sinusitis & sinonasal polyps, septoplasty,
⊙  Microlaryngoscopy and surgery. Fibreoptic and Rigid Bronchoscopy.
⊙  Treatment of fasciomaxillary trauma with the help of Dental, Ophthalmic and Oral surgeon.
⊙  Head and Neck malignancy detection and treatment with the help of Oncosurgeon and radiation oncologist.
Highlights :
⊙  600 cases of foreign bodies in bronchus, 200 cases of FB esophagus.
⊙  300 cases of Tympanoplasties and Mastoidectomies.
⊙  250 cases of FESS.
⊙  150 cases of compound fracture mandible and maxilla (Fasciomaxillary Trauma).
⊙  100 cases of Endonasal DCR.
⊙  50 cases of otogenic intracranial complications.

 M.S. (ENT), D.N.B. (ENT)
 Date of Birth :
 Speciality :
August 16, 1966
ENT Surgeon (Otorhinolaryngologist)

Career Milestones : 
More than17 years of clinical experience at various hospitals.
Delivered lectures & attended many conferences & Seminars on ENT at National level
Attended workshops & trainings in more than 20 various specializations in ENT.
Member of Indian Association of Otorhinolaryngologist of India.
Member of Indian Society of Otology.
Member of Indian Association of Bronchology.
Member of IMA Aurangabad & Jt.Secretary of Association of Otorhinolaryngologist of Aurangabad

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