I. P. D.
Following are the guidelines for availing the In Patient facilities at Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital :
- The IPD Registration counter is near the main atrium on the left hand side on Ground Floor only.
- You need to register yourself and obtain a Case Paper for the Consultant under whom you wish to get admitted.
- The IPD registration timings are between 09.00 am to 06.00 pm on all days except for Sundays & all other holidays approved by
  the hospital management.
- If the admission need to be done outside the above mentioned timings, the same are done through casualty department (on the
  right hand side of the hospital's main entrance) & the necessary payments are accepted by the billing executive at 24 Hr Pharmacy.
- Once the attending Consultant gives instructions to admit you in the hospital, you need to visit the billing department (On the
  Ground Floor, opposite the bank ) & select the necessary accommodation & pay the necessary deposit amount.
- The class of accommodation is mutually decided by the treating physician & the Patient
- If you are an employee of the company tied up with Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital, you need not pay any deposit amount & must
  produce the identity card or any other authorization obtained from the company.
- In case, you are a patient getting admitted under insurance plan, you first need to check up with the Finance Dept. whether
  Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital has entered in an agreement with the TPA (Third Party Administrator) servicing your Insurance Plan. In
  case, the hospital is tied up with the TPA, you need to visit the treating physician at least four days before planned date of admission
  & get the necessary Authorization Form filled up. This form would then be faxed to the TPA & an Authorization Letter to provide
  cashless treatment up to the limit sanctioned would be obtained from the TPA. In case, the TPA fails to send the authorization till the
  actual time of admission, the patient has to pay the deposit as per the hospital norms & the same would be returned to the patient
  upon receiving the Authorization Letter.
- For all the emergency admissions, the registration of the patient is automatically done through the Casualty Department.
- All the prescribed medicines should be purchased from the 24 Hr Pharmacy located at the main entrance of the hospital.
- The meals for patient and attending relatives can be ordered from the hospital's canteen & would be served in the room at
  prescribed timings.
- For Any billing related queries, you can meet the billing Executives at the billing counter. In case, you are not satisfied with him, you
  can visit the Accounts Manager (Extn. 549) in the Accounts & Finance Department.
- In case, you need to complain / provide suggestions, please talk to the Relationship Executive who would meet you every day
  during your stay or contact Relationship management Department on Extn. 128
- Upon the discharge advised by the Attending Physician, the complete patient information file is sent by the Nurses to the billing
  department & after the complete bill is prepared, Patient's relatives are asked to settle the complete bill. Once the final payment
  receipt is obtained, the patient is discharged from the hospital.
- Before the discharge, you are requested to respond to a questionnaire to provide us your valuable feedback on the services. Please
  feel free to record your impressions. We value your feedback & would sincerely work on the suggestions provided by you.

Visiting hours for the Relatives & Friends wishing to visit the patients in the hospital, there are fixed visitors hours specified which are as follows :
   Morning 11.00 am to 12.30 pm

  Evening 05.30 pm to 07.00 pm

*** Children below age of 12 years are not allowed to visit the patients for Medical reasons.

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