The five specialty theatres are dedicated theatres for each specialty as the needs of each specialty are distinctly unique. The specialties are as follows :

- Orthopedic,

- Cardiology,

- Opthalmology @ LASIK Surgery,

- Trauma,

- Laproscopic,

- General Surgery

All these theatres are provided with some unique features to make them scientifically & technically advanced Surgical Procedure rooms. We would like to highlight here some of the features for your information.

All utilities like Gases, Vacuum, Monitors and Electrical Power outlets are mounted on ceiling suspended pendants to avoid clutter on the floor. This helps avoid accidental mishaps & also helps while the cleaning of the entire OT is done. Once you take out all the trolley-mounted equipments & accessories out, the entire wall-to-wall floor space is open & can be cleaned thoroughly to have better infection control.

All the theatres have latest & sophisticated Patient's vital information monitoring equipments, again installed strategically on the pendants so that the Surgeon or Anesthetist have close eye over them.

The entire Operation Theatre's main equipments have best power backup so that during any surgery, the patient should not suffer due to failure of power. The entire set of equipments in OT run on electrical power during normal run. When there is a power failure, the equipments run on the DG set power supply. In case, if the DG also fails, the equipments run on the UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) which is almost failsafe.

Best Operation Theatres have central air-conditioning system with cleanliness & pressure control. All the OTs in Bajaj Hospital are equipped with Absolute Filters which supply filtered air with 99.9 % efficiency at .3 Micron level. This results in lowest infection (almost nil) due to air contaminations. Also complete OT suite is pressurized with slightly higher pressure than the adjacent area so that no contaminated air enters the OT suite.

The entire Operation Theatre suite flooring is of anti-static & joint less, heavy duty Epoxy flooring. This type of flooring is good when there are many electrical equipments with positives charge which interferes with the monitor performance. Being joint less flooring, the chances of Bacteria Breeding are less. (Universally, it's observed that the bacteria causing the infections in Operative cases breed in the joints of the flooring of the OT). This flooring being heavy duty, any type of surgical equipment or accessory fall does not hamper or allow chip off of the flooring which reduces the contamination in the air supply.


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