Services :
⊙  Management of critically ill new born babies including extremely premature and low birth weight babies in a well equipped NICU
     (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)
⊙  Management of critically ill children (1 Month - 18 year) in a well equipped IPCU (Intensive Paediatric Care Unit).
⊙  Artificial ventilation facility for managing patients in respiratory failure.
⊙  Round the clock availability of paediatric intensivist for emergencies in paediatrics.
⊙  Well Baby Clinic - Immunization
Highlights :
⊙  Performed exchange blood transfusion for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia.
⊙  Performed Newborn ventilator care in prematurity with RDS, sepsis etc.
⊙  Managed Paediatric head injury, status epilepticus, asthamatical etc.
⊙  The department is supported by bedside pathological tests & radiological investigations (USG, Portable X-rays, 2D Echo, CT etc.).
⊙  Trained resident doctors and staff nurses are available round the clock to handle any kind of paediatric emergency

 MBBS, D.C.H. (Pediatrics)
 Date of Birth :
 Speciality :
April 18, 1983

Career Milestones : 
More than 4 years of experience.
Developed specialization as "Pediatric Intensivist" Attended various workshops & conferences and presented many papers on Pediatrics In-depth experience in Pediatric Neonatal intensive are.Pediatric endocrinology & Hepatobiliary disorders

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