Services :
⊙  5 bedded Physiotherapy department with complete centralized AC.
⊙  The department is well equipped with all the latest ultra modern technology in physiotherapy, such as - Interferential therapy,
    Ultrasound 1 MHz & 3 MHz, Short wave diatherapy, Muscle stimulator, 4 channel Transcutaneous electrical nerves stimulation,
    Electronic traction machine, etc.
⊙  All types of physiotherapy equipments for procedure are carried out in the department by qualified and experienced team of
Highlights :
⊙  Chest Physiotherapy: Rehabilitation of patients with pacemaker implants various degrees of heart blocks, post catheterization,
    myocardial ischemia on conservative management of arrhythmias. Patients having undergone by pass surgery, correction
    of congenital heart defects, peripheral vascular disease, lobotomy and pneumonectomy, Pulmonary rehabilitation for patients
    with COPD interstitial lung disease, post Koch's post pneumonia, various pleural affections and oncological conditions.
⊙  Neuro Physiotherapy : Rehabilitation of patients of post hemorrhagic/ineffective strokes, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's
    disease, Cerebral atropy, Gulillian Barre syndrome, Myasthenia Gravis, Cerebeller affections, Duchene's muscular
    dystrophy, Becker's muscular dystrophy, peripheral nerve lesions, post neurosurgery for hematomas tumors, aneurysms
    and Cerebral Palsies.
⊙  Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy: Manage rehabilitation in case of degenerative joint diseases like Osteoarthritis, Cervical and
     Lumber Arthroscopy Spondylosis, Periarthritis of Shoulder, ineffective cases of Koch's spine, Koch's knee, bone tumors
    various fractures and occupational maladapatations. Managed rehabilitation in pre and post surgical cases of joint 
    replacement (THR, TKR, Hemi arthoplasty of hip), Spine Surgeries, internal & External fixations and amputations.
⊙  Wound Care : Acquainted with use of various dressing techniques and use of ultraviolet therapy and infrared therapy in
    wound care and management of Bed sores.
⊙  Gynaecology and Obstetrics : Pre and post partum exercises, management of urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse.
⊙  ICU Care: Respiratory & Chest medicine, General Medicine, General Surgery, Paediatric surgery, Cardiac mobilization, etc.

 BPTh, MPTh, MIAFT (Fitness trainer), Pre and post natal Instructor Training, MATT Therapist
 Date of Birth :
 Speciality :
March 28, 1990
Consultant Physiotherapist

Career Milestones : 
Clinical Experience of 4.5 years. Skilled in treating Neurological, orthopedic, cardiovascular, sport injuries etc. International Publication in International Journal of physical medicine and rehabilitation. National level paper presentation in Conference at Mysore. Certified Fitness trainer, Pre and post natal Instructor trainer, Pilates Instructor Trainer, MATT therapist, IASTM tool Therapist. Attended WCNR 2018 Conference as Delegate. Attended various workshops on ICU management, Cognitive rehabilitation, Taping techniques, NDT etc.

 B.P. Th, M.P. Th, CMT, MIAFT
 Date of Birth :
 Speciality :
October 22, 1992
Consultant Physiotherapist

Career Milestones : 
Worked for 2 years as a Consultant Physiotherapist at YSK hospital, Aurangabad.
Poster presentation at Mysore PGCON Conference 2017
Attended Hands on workshop on Manual therapy concepts
Aerobic Instructor Training (Workshop)
Pre and postnatal fitness instructor training (Workshop)

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