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Rucha Maganlal

Dr.Vedatraye Deshmukh (Obstetrician & Gynaecologist) has been a GOD-send!

She was incredibly helpful and supportive in my process of delivery. I had to go under emergency C-Section that too on Sunday; but Madam handled well.   All concerns & issues related to health was answered patiently & informatively. She ensured patient care & confidentiality was at the forefront & for that I am so grateful. She listens to our problems carefully & her medication is very effective & up to point which actually cures any problem in first place itself. All my post op issues also were handled very patiently & calmly. Her hand in handling wound is also very soft & smooth. No pains at all.

I am so impressed by her professional & supportive demeanor & will continue to use her services. I genuinely think she is the best women’s health doctor I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Thanks to Dr.Vedatraye Deshmukh.

I highly recommend Dr.Vedatraye Deshmukh for all prospectus mothers…

Thank you doctor for such an amazing experience & you do a great work towards our community.


Treating Doctor – Dr.Vedatraye Deshmukh (Obstetrician & Gynaecologist)
Appointment Assistance – Excellent
Billing Service – Excellent
Hospital Cleanliness – Good
Parking Facility – Good
Pharmacy Service – Excellent
Interaction with Consultant – Excellent
Canteen Service – Fair
Rucha Maganlal