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🌟 Event Highlights: Successful CME on Sleep-Related Breathing & Other Disorders! 🌟

Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital recently organized a highly successful Continuing Medical Education (CME) event focusing on Sleep-Related Breathing & Other Disorders.

This event was organized in concordance with the recent Launch of most advanced LEVEL 1 Sleep Study facility made available at the Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital.


This event was held in association with:

– Indian Medical Association, Chh. Sambhajinagar

– Physicians Association of Chh. Sambhajinagar

– Association of Otolaryngologists of India (AOI), Chh. Sambhajinagar

– Aurangabad Diabetologist’s Association

We thank all participants and associations for making this event a grand success!


🌟 The consensus take home message of this CME:

Sleep related disorders are very common, underdiagnosed and detrimental, if untreated.

More number of sleep studies are to be advised & performed to prevent complications.