"To provide compassionate health care of the highest quality at a reasonable cost to all sections of society. Fulfilling the needs of patient will be our priority." - Patron Late Rahul Bajaj , MMRI Trust


- The hospital would try and create facilities which do not exist in Marathwada to provide relief so that the patients don’t have to travel long distances for treatment.
- To provide excellent Nursing and Medical care by constant education and training of all concerned and induction of new talent where required
- The needy and poor will be provided treatment concessional or free.
- We propose to set the standards for ethical medical practice based on the value system. All efforts will be directed towards creating this environment.

Core Values

Dedication: We are deeply committed to our mission of providing exceptional healthcare services and unwaveringly devoted to meeting the needs and well-being of our patients.

Integrity: We uphold the highest ethical standards, promoting transparency and honesty in all aspects of our operations and interactions, ensuring trust and credibility with our patients.

Values: Our organization places great importance on core values that shape our culture, emphasizing compassion, empathy and respect in every patient encounter and within our team.

Excellence: Striving for excellence is at the heart of everything we do. We continuously pursue advancements in medical care, invest in cutting-edge technologies and maintain a highly skilled team to deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Ethical Values

Ethical Principles: Our hospital adheres strictly to ethical guidelines in patient care. All tests, treatments and medications are administered based on the expert judgment of our medical professionals.

Transparent Pricing: We follow a standardized pricing system, ensuring fair and consistent charges for our services as per established norms.

Independent Referral System: Unlike some other institutions, we do not participate in medical referral or recommendation practices, ensuring impartiality in patient care.

Accountability and Transparency: At every level of our hospital, we maintain transparency and accountability to ensure the highest standard of patient care and safety.

Grievance Redressal Committee: We have a dedicated committee to address and resolve any concerns related to ethical values, providing patients and their families with a responsive and supportive avenue for voicing their grievances.

Quality Policy

At Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of patient care through our comprehensive quality policy:

Patient Safety: Our foremost commitment is to prioritize patient safety, ensuring a secure and protected environment for all individuals under our care.

Patient Rights and Communication: We are dedicated to safeguarding the rights of patients and their relatives, ensuring open and transparent communication at every stage of the treatment process.

International-level Healthcare: We strive to deliver healthcare services that meet global standards, facilitated by our highly qualified and skilled professional staff.

Compliance with Standards: We adhere rigorously to the benchmarks set by both national and international standards, guaranteeing the quality and reliability of our services.

Continuous Quality Improvement: Emphasizing patient satisfaction, we continually focus on enhancing the quality of care through a culture of continuous improvement and learning.

Equal Treatment for All: We are committed to treating all patients with equal respect and dignity, regardless of their economic status, ensuring fairness and inclusivity in our healthcare practices.