Nutrition Clinic

The Nutrition and Dietetics Department, established in 2010, provides services to both inpatients (IPD) and outpatients (OPD). Currently, two qualified dieticians are employed in the department.

Each referred patient undergoes a nutritional assessment, considering anthropometric measurements and a 24-hour dietary recall. Based on their nutritional requirements and specific diseases, personalized diet charts are created. The dieticians provide individual counseling to patients and their relatives, ensuring a comprehensive approach to improve patient outcomes.

Food services for inpatients are tailored to their specific diseases and nutritional needs. Since 2016, patient catering has been outsourced within the hospital premises, with dietitians supervising the process.

The procedure involves measuring height using a height measuring tool, utilizing a digital weighing machine and employing a Body Composition Analysis (BCA) machine.

In terms of statistics, the department handles 25-30 OPD patients and 150-160 IPD patients monthly.

For each referral patient, the dieticians conduct a thorough nutritional assessment, plan a disease-specific diet chart and provide explanations to both patients and their relatives. Follow-up care is continued until discharge and a take-home diet chart is given to each patient before leaving the hospital.

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