Ambulance Service

The hospital features a well-equipped ambulance stocked with emergency medicines and essential life support equipment. This facilitates the prompt and efficient transportation of patients to and from the hospital, under the supervision of trained nursing staff and doctors. The ambulance is specially designed and appropriately equipped to respond to medical emergencies. A daily checklist of all equipment is meticulously verified by the biomedical engineer.

Our hospital’s ambulance ensures a smooth, safe and efficient transfer of patients to and from healthcare facilities. It remains available on-site to address any emergencies and an additional ambulance from external agencies can be summoned on demand. For special situations, a transport ventilator is accessible. In cases involving incubated patients connected to a ventilator, transportation is conducted with the accompaniment of a doctor and/or a trained staff nurse. The ambulance is stocked with emergency drugs and a checklist is maintained to ensure their availability and readiness.

Ambulance Number
0240-6632101 / 0240-6632102