Plastic Surgery

This Department is equipped with highly advanced Microscopes, Laser Machines, backed with experts in the field of plastic surgery.

Key Procedures

1) Cancer Reconstruction :

  • Upper and lower jaw reconstruction.
  • Cheek, lip, nose, tongue, eyelid reconstruction.
  • Food pipe (pharynx reconstruction).
  • Soft tissue (muscle, skin tumors) reconstruction.
  • Bone tumours reconstruction for limb salvage.
  • Breast (unilateral, bilateral), (partial, complete) (primary or secondary i.e. even after many years) reconstruction.
  • Chest and Abdominal wall reconstruction.

2) Trauma :

  • Replantation of finger, hand and lower limb.
  • Vascular, nerve, tendon injury.
  • Hand, fingers fracture.
  • Incised, laceration and avulsion injuries of face and body.
  • Compound fracture of limbs with skin loss.
  • Facial bone fractures with lacerated wounds.

3) Congenital Defects :

  • Cleft lip/ palate, craniofacial anomalies (Abnormal shape of skull).
  • Haemangioma, vascular malformation.
  • Birthmark, pigmented hairy lesions.
  • Ear deformities: Absent ear, Bat ear (prominent ear).
  • Finger deformities: Joined finger, Extra finger, absent finger.
  • TM joint Ankylosis (Inability to open the mouth).

4) Others :

  • Bedsore management.
  • Diabetic foot management.
  • Lymphedema Management.
  • Recanalization of tubes (post tubectomy or vasectomy).

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