• FDG PET/ CT is the current “Gold standard” in oncology imaging, providing both functional & anatomical status of the disease. It is modality of choice in cancer staging, treatment response assessment, follow up and recurrence evaluation.
  • THE FDG PET/ CT scan is also useful in cardiac viability assessment.

CARDIAC PET is current Gold standard in myocardial viability assessment. Shown in image, large infarct seen in myocardial perfusion imaging (REST MIBI), shown to be viable on PET imaging (FDG Cardiac PET).

THE FDG PET /CT scan is also useful in assessment of neurodegenerative diseases & for infection imaging

  • Brain FDG PET-CT in evaluation of dementia & movement disorders. Illustrated above is a case of Fronto-Temporal dementia (FTD).

Our facility proudly houses the first PET/CT center in Marathwada, featuring a scanner with the highest sensitivity among all clinical PET scanners. This advanced technology allows for precise localization of lesions with a diameter of less than 1 cm while minimizing radiation exposure to the patient.

  • FDG PET/CT – Oncology Imaging:
    FDG PET/CT is recognized as the current “Gold Standard” in oncology imaging, offering a comprehensive assessment of both functional and anatomical aspects of the disease. This modality is the preferred choice for cancer staging, treatment response assessment, follow-up, and recurrence evaluation. Additionally, FDG PET/CT plays a crucial role in cardiac viability assessment, providing valuable insights into myocardial health.
  • Cardiac PET – Myocardial Viability Assessment:
    Cardiac PET stands as the current Gold Standard for assessing myocardial viability. In the image presented, a large infarct is evident in myocardial perfusion imaging (REST MIBI). However, this area is shown to be viable on PET imaging (FDG Cardiac PET), showcasing the accuracy and diagnostic capability of our advanced PET/CT services.

Our commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology ensures that we provide unparalleled precision in diagnosis while prioritizing patient safety through reduced radiation exposure.

FDG PET/CT in Neurodegenerative Diseases and Infection Imaging:

The FDG PET/CT scan is a valuable tool in the assessment of neurodegenerative diseases and infection imaging, extending its applications beyond oncology.

  • Neurodegenerative Diseases: Brain FDG PET-CT plays a crucial role in the evaluation of dementia and movement disorders. It provides comprehensive insights into the functional aspects of the brain, aiding in the diagnosis and management of conditions such as Fronto-Temporal Dementia (FTD), as illustrated in the case above.
  • Infection Imaging: Beyond neurodegenerative diseases, FDG PET/CT is a powerful imaging modality for detecting and localizing infections within the body. It helps in identifying areas of increased metabolic activity, guiding clinicians in the diagnosis and treatment planning for infectious conditions.

Our commitment to utilizing advanced imaging technologies ensures that FDG PET/CT serves as a versatile diagnostic tool, contributing to the accurate assessment of a wide range of medical conditions, including neurodegenerative diseases and infections.

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