This department deals with diagnosis and management of various Gastroentestinal diseases, Liver diseases, Liver transplant, Endoscopic procedures, Management of pancreatic diseases, IBS/IBD/Gastroentestinal bleeding.

We are glad to share that we have pioneered many EUS procedures in our region and recently performed successful Liver transplant at our centre at affordable price.

Procedure Details:

  • Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS)
  • EUS guided cystogastrostomy
  • EUS guide biliary drainage
  • EUS guided Coil placemen
  • Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
  • Endoscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Sigmoidoscopy
  • Banding
  • Variceal ligation
  • Glue embolization
  • Dilatations of esophageal strictur
  • Metal stenting
  • APC
  • Biopsy,Liver biopsy
  • Nasojejunal tube placement
  • Haemoclipping
  • OVESCO clip/Device placement,
  • Fibroscan,
  • Sclerotherapy,
  • PEG tube placement etc.

Procedure Statistics:

We are the first one to do following procedures in Marathwada region

  1. EUS guided Celiac plexus neurolysis
  2. EUS guided coiling for paeudoaneurysm
  3. EUS guided biliary drainage
  4. EUS guided gastric Variceal obliteration
  • > 250 EUS procedures
    Thousands of other therapeutic Endoscopic procedures

Equipment Details:

  • 190 series Olympus scopes : Endoscope, Colonoscope
  • Axeon Therapeutic Endoscope
  • Top end Skan Ray Fluoroscopy system
  • Duodenoscope From Olympus: ERCP
  • EUS Syetsm/processor/Linear echoendoscope: Olympus
  • Standard accessories/FNA/ B Needle: Boston scientific,Cook, Olympus
  • Scopydoc system

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