Patient Guide

At Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital, we strive to provide the best quality healthcare services to patient and patient families. Towards this endeavour the necessary information is outlined below, which will be updated from time to time;

Patient Registration

  • Aadhar Card is mandatory for registration.
  • For initiating any medical treatment with OPD or Indoor, Registration is essential, facilitated at the Front Office/Reception/Registration counters.Reception timings are 08:00 AM to 07:00 PM (Monday to Saturday), other timings are covered by the Billing Counter.
  • The OPD Timings are 09:30 AM to 06:30 PM (Monday to Saturday). Patients seeking treatment during balance time are routed through the Emergency Department (ER/ Casualty).
  • The OPD Timings are indicative of hours of OPD Operations, however individual doctors may have fixed days and slots. This may be confirmed by contacting the hospital Landline / checking the information on Website.
  • Each registered patient shall be given a UHID (Unique Health Identification Number)or MR (Medical Records)
  • For every subsequent visit, the patients shall have different IP / OP number in addition to the UHID to ensure continuity of care.
  • Existing patients need to provide same details each time for continuity of record under the same UHID / MR Number.

indoor patient admission

Based on the Consultant doctor advice, a patient maybe advised Admission in the Hospital, which means a Bed is allocated as per desired class.

The Admissions are under the following categories;

  • Cash
  • Private Insurance
  • MJPJAY/ PMJAY Scheme

Admission under Cash Category

  • Based on advice from Consultant in OPD, if you require admission, then you need to complete required formalities at “Admissions Section” on ground floor.
  • During admission, you are usually asked a few questions and your cooperation is solicited to assist you better.
  • Each patient is provided the IPD Admission / Financial Consent Form by the Consultant Doctor / Emergency department, which with duly filled information and signatures is to be given to the Admission section for further process.
  • The Consultant Doctor / The Admissions section will confirm with you, your desired class/ Bed Category, amongst the following:
    1. General Ward
    2. Semi Private Ward
    3. Shared Private Ward
    4. Deluxe ward
    5. Super Deluxe ward
  • The availability of the bed in the requested ward / class is checked by the admission clerk and the same is informed to the patient / relative.
  • The patient / relative is also oriented about the hospital’s facilities, rules and regulations as well as the patient’s rights and responsibilities.
  • The General Consent form needs to be read and understood after which patient / relative signature is obtained.
  • The treating consultant in the Financial Consent form shall specify the tentative duration of your stay in the hospital and based on that arequisite advance payment has to be made in the Admission Desk.
  • Upon completion of the pre-requisite steps, the details of the patient are fed into the Hospital Software System and the Indoor Patient case sheet is generated.
  • The admission procedure covers some formalities to avoid future complications and should usually take 30 minutes. At rush hours there may be a Que.
  • The Help Desk situated close to Admissions section is available round the clock for assistance / queries resolution.

Admission of Corporate/Insurance Patients

Emergency Admissions

  • The Patient is admitted on emergency basis. TPA Notifications are done within 24 hours for Approval.
 Planned Admissions
  • In case of planned admissions for Surgery / Chemotherapy, Approvals are taken prior to admission and on the day of admission they can avail the room class/ Bed category as per their policy norms.
  • Regular admission process is followed at the billing counter (as mentioned above)
  • Patient details are fed into the Hospital Software System and he/she is tagged as “Insurance patient”
  • Documents required for planned admission:
    • Health card of patient / policy copy.
    • CKYC of proposer (Aadhar card, Pan card and Company ID Card in case of Corporate policy) Aadhar Card of patient.

Types of accomodation (Charges per day)

Bed CategoryDescriptionAC – Yes/NoPer Day Tariff
General Ward BedHallNoRs. 800/-
Shared Private WardCommon SharingNoRs. 1550/-
Semi Private RoomsTwin SharingNoRs. 2050/-
ICU/CCU/CTVS/PICUCritical CareYesRs. 5500/-
NICUNeonatal Intensive CareYesRs. 2500/-
Deluxe RoomsAir-conditioned Single occupancy RoomsYesRs. 5500/-
Super Deluxe RoomsSuite RoomsYesRs. 8500/-

Additional Services for Deluxe & Super Deluxe rooms

  • Additional assisted Services.
  • Admission Support and accompanied by Hospital staff to Room for admission.
  • TV, Refrigerator and Telephone.
  • A daily use kit is available on demand.
  • Pharmacy Services to Bedside are provided.
  • Food and Beverage delivery service is provided at additional cost.


Terms & conditions

  • The beds and rooms are given on first come first served basis, subject to availability.
  • Request for room change, if any, has to be made at the Admission Desk /Floor co-coordinator, who will try to accommodate your request as soon as possible, subject to availability.


  • After the advance payment, as treatment progresses, it is helpful to go on making interim payment in consultation with the concerned people in the billing section. This updating of payments, periodically, helps smooth progress of entire procedure.
  • Final payment has to be made at the time of discharge of patient for which the bill section will consolidate all charges for medicines/ consumables / services availed during hospitalization. The Billing process takes some time depending on the preceding processes completion.
  • Check Out Time 12:00 Clock (Noon) applicable.
  • Mode of Payments
    • Cash
    • Credit Card
    • Debit Card
    • Cheque: Received Only for Corporates having MOU with us. (Not by personal cheque).
  • For corporate query or sanction please contact Insurance Desk at ground floor
  • All the financial transaction for indoor patient will be made from “Billing Department” at ground floor.
  • Please check the entire Bill properly before leaving the counter


  • Once the treating doctor finds the patient fit for discharge, the ward duty doctor will notify the discharge process and Initiate it.
  • The discharge summary prepared by duty doctors & is printed at the Nursing Station(two copies)
  • The discharge summary contains the on discharge advice & medication. Copy is handed over to patient’s relative and one copy is attached in patient file and acknowledgement is obtained.
  • The patient file is sent to Billing counter for final billing. After the Bill payment, a copy of the bill is produced to the duty nurse at the ward.
  • The patient is kindly requested to surrender the room to the nurse or ward in-charge before leaving.
  • The patient is then transported to the departure area and is assisted to vehicle to help them leave the premises.


Your quick discharge after a sound recovery being the objective, highly skilled and dedicated team of personnel is at work round the clock to ensure your stay as Inpatient pleasantly comfortable. But your spontaneous cooperation makes their task easier.

Medical treatment

  • Your treatment as Inpatient is the responsibility of your admitting Consultant. He will arrange for your laboratory/radiological tests, medications, diet and all special treatment, deemed necessary.
  • But if you are already on any kind of medications, before admission never forget to inform your Nurse or Resident Doctor for guidance. During the period of your hospitalization, your Consultant has to approve the use of those medicines.

Team of professionals

  • In addition to your treating Consultant, you will be looked after by a team comprising Duty Doctors to ensure your proper treatment round the clock.
  • They are the most important link in between the service providers on one hand and the Consultant on the other.
  • We have team of highly skilled and competent Nursing Staff who will ensure professional care with smile and enthusiasm, they will ensure administration of medicine and execution of treatment.
  • In cases of closed rooms, push the CALL BUTTONto draw Nurse’s attention, if required.

Consent of Patient

In addition to the consent taken from you at the time of admission, you need to give further consents for Special Procedures to be undertaken during treatment as advised by your Consultant for any diagnostic test or procedure or operation as indicated in your case. Nursing staff will bring the form to you for the same.

House Keeping & linen

Clothing and linen for daily change will be provided. Using them is compulsory and a part of Inpatient protocol. In case of any problem please contact sister-in-charge or co-coordinator of the respective floor who will take care of your need regarding linen.

Money & Valueables

  • Hospital does not take any responsibility for your money or any other valuables.

Mobile Phone

Use of mobile phone by the patient is prohibited. Visitors should also restrict use of mobile phones near patients.

Medicines & Consumables

Medicines, Surgical and other consumables prescribed by your Consultants for your treatment shall be supplied from in-house pharmacy

At your service: Maintenance

For your maintenance/service requirements for TV, AC, Power Points, Push Button for calling Nurse, plumbing’s in toilets, telephone and the like, our maintenance staff are available on call. Preventive maintenance is done every day as a part of standard procedure.

Waste Management

  • Keeping the hospital neat and clean and highly disinfected is a part of our organizational culture.
  • The waste is segregated into biodegradable and non-biodegradable categories and disposed to its right destination.
  • Let us all help to keep the quantum of waste as less as possible.

Visitors Policy

We understand how anxious you may be as a patient’s relative to be here to hear good news such as “Improvement in patient condition”, or “Surgery went on well” etc. Amidst all these we would like to have your co-operation, so that we can help you in the best ways possible.

Kindly go through the following important information.

  • At the time of admission only ONE attendant pass and ONE visitor pass for a patient is given
  • Visitors are allowed as “one at a time basis “and not as “groups”.
  • Children under the age of 15 are not allowed into the hospital premises unless they come as a patient, as they are more susceptible to infections
  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol in the room or hospital premises by the patient or relative will result in denial of treatment and discharge of the patient.
  • Tips to staff are strictly prohibited.
Visiting Hours:
All Wards 12.30pm –1.30pm One visitor at a time
6:30pm – 7.30pm